Monaco GP trophy will be presented in special edition Louis Vuitton case

2020 didn’t see the iconic Monaco Grand Prix due to the coronavirus pandemic, but this year the most anticipated race of the season is on schedule (slated for May 23-25). Every Formula-1 driver aspires to race on the 19 twisted sections of the track that don’t give a second chance. The ultimate aspiration is to win the race and stand on the top step of the podium.

To pep up things for the most prestigious race of the F1 calendar, the Automobile Club de Monaco has struck a multi-year deal with French luxury house Louis Vuitton. The 78 edition of the Monaco GP in two weeks’ time will come with a trophy for the winner in a special edition Louis Vuitton case.

Carrying the spirit of Monaco and victory

The Riviera-inspired LV trophy travel trunk will be built in the brand’s Asnières studio. This monogram canvas case is highlighted by the red color emulating the Monaco’s official flag. To signify the spirit of victory, the front section of the trunk has a “V” in the red and white stripes.

Louis Vuitton chairman and CEO Michael Burke, elated by the partnership said that LV is proud to be a part of the F1 championship. And what better than the Monaco GP which brings hair-raising action between the rails where cars whizz past at speeds of almost 186 mph on the straights!

LV’s love for sports

According to Michael, the trophy case characterizes “Victory travels in Louis Vuitton.” This is not the first time the brand has been associated with international sports. Last fall, Louis Vuitton designed a trunk for the NBA’s Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. They also crafted the carrying cases for the World Cup and French Open trophies. 

We’re sure Lewis Hamilton will be eager to get his hands on this trophy but Max is close on his tail and Monaco GP is going to be an important race for both contenders. Since motorsports is unpredictable, even Kimi would have his sight on this exquisite LV trophy case! Let’s wait and see how it will eventually unfold.