Most luxurious glamping sites: From safari tents to plush treehouses

After being held up inside for the past year or so, it is time to explore the great outdoors with the luxury of glamping. Glamping is a wonderful way to experience life in the wild. It provides the outdoorsy a chance to sleep under the stars in utmost comfort.

Blending the idea of living amid nature in full luxury, glamping brings world-class service to the world’s most inaccessible and coveted destination. From safari tents in Africa to luxurious treehouses in the States, we have listed some of the best glamping sites from around the world.

Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp, Tanzania

This safari glamping lodge follows the migration of wildebeest, Thomson gazelles and zebras across the Serengeti. Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp is a high specification mobile tented facility with guest lodging in eight en-suite tents and one family tent with two separate rooms and a common area. The mobile camp has two camps that set up in four different locations depending on the time of year.

Kachi Lodge, Bolivia

Located on the largest salt flat in the world at Bolivia’s Salar de Uyani, Kachi Lodge gives you the feeling that you have landed on another planet. Designed by Amazing Escapes, Kachi Lodge brings stargazers closer to the starry sky at 11,800 feet. The resort features six private glamping domes for guests, each floating on individual wooden decks and one communal-use area. Each dome has clear panels, a private bathroom, a luxurious interior and proper insulation.

Cabana Mobile Hotels

Cabana Mobile Hotels offer fully equipped campervans to make things super comfortable and simple for adventure travelers. It lets you experience the comforts of a boutique hotel packed into a van with Cabana. Additionally, Cabana Concierge creates a customized itinerary based on a questionnaire to identify your preferences. These campervans feature 8-inch graphite-infused memory foam mattresses, a 24-inch TV screen, a compact kitchen, thermostat and ceiling fan; and can be rented from Seattle and Los Angeles.

Aman-i-Khás, India

Aman-i-Khás is a wilderness glamping site in the rugged brushwood forest on the border of Ranthambore National Park, India. It has ten luxury air-conditioned tents, which are probably more comfortable than any hotel room you have ever stayed in. Cotton drapes are used to create separate rooms within the luxury tents, each featuring a bedroom, living room and a bathroom that includes a separate bathtub and shower. There are also three distinct tents for dining, spa treatments and relaxing.

The Mohicans, Ohio

The Mohicans is a treehouse resort located in the heart of Amish country, Ohio. Merely an hour and a half northeast of Columbus, the resort has nine beautifully unique treehouses, open-air entrances with no lobby or common areas. The treehouses include an airstream placed in the trees, hanging bridge entrances and floor-to-ceiling windows to provide scenic views of the forest. The site also offers various activities such as ziplining, Amish markets, canoeing, rafting, yoga and mobile massages.