Mybushotel converts old school buses into hotels on wheels

Hotels are simply lavish and bigger versions of our homes, with huge beds, plush bathrooms, and immaculate room services. To become ever more enticing for guests, hotels have undergone many major modifications – old landmarks have been turned into hotels and now in the latest trend, buses are being converted into tiny hotels on wheels.

One company behind such gorgeous transformations of school buses into mobile hotels is Las Vegas-based Mybushotel. Comprising a passionate team of experts, Mybushotel converts schoolies into both mobile hotels and full-time tiny houses, without losing the sense of comfort.

The company transforms old buses into beautiful off-grid campers for people looking to live an adventurous and minimalistic lifestyle. The company offers a rental service of their hotels on wheels, which are embellished with stunning interiors providing convenience, comfort, functionality and aestheticism.

The company has built three fully-functional bus hotels – Natasha, Leon and Barbara; while a fourth one called Georges is currently under-construction. These exciting bus conversions are available for purchase and the company also offers custom tiny houses. The three models are available starting at $45,000 and range up to $65,000.

La Brigade Natasha

Mobile hotel “Natasha” is based on a 1994 Ford B700 that has traveled over 137,500 miles, of which 40,000 miles journeyed through 17 countries, including Mexico and 16 South American nations. It sleeps six people– two people in the master bedroom, two in a bunk bed, and two people in a double bed built into a convertible custom made wooden dining table.

It includes various amenities, such as a fully-equipped large kitchen with wooden countertops, a stainless steel fridge and freezer, four-burner gas range, and a bathroom.

Cozy Leon

Leon is a small hotel on wheels that accommodates three people across a bedroom and couch, placed in the little living room. It features a roof terrace, solar panels to generate electricity, an instant water heater, a contemporary bathroom, well-equipped kitchen, French-inspired decor, and several other additional facilities. The handsome facilities and cozy interiors make Leon ideal for both a road trip and a full-time tiny house.

Nomadic Barbara

The third hotel Barbara is a 2008 Blue Bird All American School Bus, which is transformed into a gorgeous space with accommodation for up to eight people. For comfortable sleeping arrangements, there are six single bunk beds and a double bed located in the master bedroom at the back of the bus.

The wooden floorboard, wooden countertops and white interiors of Barbara give it a sophisticated look. It features a dining booth for four, three-seater couch, plenty of custom white cabinetry and a white-tiled shower.