Native Union Rise MagSafe Dock juices up iPhone 12 in portrait or landscape orientation

To add a little more charm and utility to the iPhone 12 charging, Native Union has launched the Rise Dock. It is a MagSafe charger, which will take your iPhone charging routine from the resting position to either landscape or portrait – as you like.

A classic black accessory with a functional objective, the Rise Dock comprises two different parts – the body and the stand. Slotting the two parts together you get a sturdy charging dock for your iPhone 12 but only when you mount your MagSafe charging puck into the stand. The accessory doesn’t come with a MagSafe charger.

The Rise Dock

An interesting desktop or night stand for your iPhone 12, the Rise Dock is made from stainless steel and has a balanced body ensuring the docked phone is safe even if it were to vibrate.

Featuring a sturdy body and excellent built quality, this works exactly like a typical MagSafe charger – it will magnetically cling to the charging puck and rubberized padding alongside keeps the phone stable. Just insert an existing MagSafe charger into the back of the Rise Dock – it will fasten snugly – allowing you a standing MagSafe charging dock for your iPhone.

The functionality

With the Native Union Rise MagSafe Dock, you can use the iPhone 12 in both portrait and landscape orientations without any fuss. You can watch a movie or make a video call easily while the phone is comfortably charging in its cradle. Sadly, due to the charger cord flowing down through the back of the dock, it is not the most stable in the position lying down.

If you don’t mind the dock’s inability to work seamlessly while lying flat and want an accessory to hold your iPhone upright while charging; you can pick the Rise Dock from Amazon for $50 right away. 

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