NBCUniversal to launch Peacock streaming service, pricing plans

Netflix is about to get another rival. Apart from HBO Max and Disney+, a new streaming service will be announced soon by NBC Universal in partnership with Comcast. Media content streaming is fast becoming a standard now in entertainment that we’re afraid cable networks will soon be obsolete.

We’re not surprised TV cable providers are losing customers. The advent of the Internet has brought significant developments across many different industries in different countries around the world. It has also delivered convenience to everyone to enjoy content like never before. Did you miss a movie? Download, buy, or stream.

Piracy has become rampant because file-sharing has been easier but we’re fighting that. The likes of Netflix and Disney+ have also made it possible for instant and on-demand media consumption. No doubt different networks have started venturing into media streaming.

Yet Another Netflix Rival

Comcast’s NBCUniversal is introducing a new one named Peacock. This new streaming service will offer tiered plans for different customers. Interestingly, Peacock won’t make cable subscribers cut their plans.

You can keep yours and yet have access to Peacock. It’s free but laden with ads. The database now contains some 7,500 hours of programming that include next-day streaming of shows, classic movies and TV series, and a curated collection of sports and news programs. A number of Spanish-language content are also available.

Some cable and Comcast subscribers may even be given the premium version of service. If you’re a non-cable subscriber, you can still sign up and pay a monthly fee of $5 for access to Peacock Premium. Add $5 each month if you prefer the ad-free version.

Peacock and Chill?

The initial lineup for Peacock Premium subscribers includes early streaming of NBC late-night shows, a reboot of Sam Esmail’s Battlestar Galactica, and Mindy Kaling’s Expecting. Current broadcast shows are streaming the next-day. Live sports may also be shown if there is a special event available like the Olympics or including Premiere League.

If you’re a Comcast cable subscriber, you may enjoy the service beginning April 15. Xfinity X1 and Flex customers should look into this offered as NBC enters the already crowded streaming arena.