New Belgium Purist Clean Lager has as little as ninety-five calories

There is more to New Belgium than the Fat Tire Amber Ale. Case in point the New Belgium Purist Clean Lager.  

Made for a surmounting number of people seeking a refreshing drink without undue calories, the Purist clean lager is a personification of what crisp beer can be.

Ridiculously clean beer

The Purist lager gets its clean and refreshing taste from the organic, traceable ingredients used. An entirely new take on what beer can be, this lager has as little as 95 calories and 3g of net carbs.

A great lager demands clean and pure water. Purist is made from mountain water of the Poudre River in Fort Collins, Colorado.

A 355ml can of the beer has 3.8% ABV and a USDA Certified Organic rating. The beer is a fantastic option for those who are in the league of easy drinkers and want an alternative to the macro options on the market.

Steadily growing in stature

If you, despite being a binge social drinker, haven’t heard about the Purist clean lager yet; honestly it’s a good reason now to give it a try. 

One of the largest craft breweries in the US, New Belgium has been a leader in sustainability and social responsibility. It is evident in some of its existing brews and of course in this light, refreshing and organic beer, which is slated to take drinkers by storm.