Nine Hours Capsule Hotel redesigned by Naruse Inokuma Architects

Travel is both a luxury and a necessity. For some people, they prefer going all out when they go on a trip whether it’s for business or just leisure—first-class, five-star hotels, and rental cars. For others, they go the more affordable route—low fares, backpacking, capsule hotels, and budget deals on whatever tourist spot or activity.

It doesn’t matter how you travel because what’s important is that you enjoy a trip the best way you know is for you. Personally, I like to be wise with money so I really wait for great deals and promos. I don’t scrimp on accommodations though because I know each day of travel can be tiring.

Capsule Hotel Experience Reimagined

Capsule hotels are interesting because they are small but I have yet to try them. I have seen a lot of interesting ones—those that are more than just Instagrammable. I know the basis of one’s choice must not be “For the Gram” but the photos tell us the Nine Hours Capsule Hotel is.

The capsule hotel is located in Osaka, Japan. So if you’re planning a trip to the city, consider this one designed by Naruse Inokuma Architects. It’s a traditional capsule hotel with a small space for each guest but offers a comfortable and memorable staying experience. The hotel offers functionality that goes beyond the standards of capsule hotels.

Nine Hours May Not Be Enough

The Naruse Inokuma Architects reinvented the idea of a capsule in this 994 square meter hotel. The concept of capsule hotel has been changed by these genius architects.

Your stay can be cheap but is very comfortable. As with most capsule hotels, the sleeping quarters and the wet areas are separate although designed to be more habitable as described. The idea is time spent between getting ready to sleep or getting out and actually going to sleep is reduced so you can do more. The sanitary lounge includes the washing area, lockers, toilet space, showers, plus a sizeable lounge.

As you enter the Nine Hours Capsule Hotel, you will see the four stages: reception, prologue corridor, sanitary lounge, and sleeping pod. Based on those needs, the designers worked on the hotel to ensure the best experience.

The architects described every stay will evoke feelings of being welcomed, excited, relaxed, and having the “ultimate sleep experience”. Perhaps a nine-hour stay here may not be enough?