NINU launches smart perfume: Personalized combinations possible with AI

The scent of a person can dramatically change the mood of the individual and that of others around. While there are already many brilliant fragrances available, NINU has set out to revolutionize the traditional perfume industry with its personalized perfumes using artificial intelligence (AI). NINU perfume is going to be showcased to the all-virtual CES 2021.  

A fresh breeze in the industry, NINU builds its brand new legacy on a millennia-old heritage. Blending three different refined fragrances in a single high-technology design, it helps you find your scent and also change it depending on your mood. Besides, the fragrances have been created with the best, 100 percent vegan, and sustainably sourced ingredients from France. These perfumes are phthalate, paraben, and sulphate-free.

Premium perfume

It is a simple and smart patent-pending innovation, which enables you to customize your perfume to match every mood and occasion. NINU comes to your aid, whether you want to enhance your energy or find the perfect fragrance for a special event.

With over a million fragrances to choose from, you will always find something apt for you, and can create your personal perfume combinations instantly with the AI. You can create a perfume fusion using AI perfume master called Pierre with merely a few taps on your phone.

Inspired by Peter Florjancic, a Slovenian innovator who helped build the foundation of the perfume industry over 70 years ago, the team of product designers and engineers at NINU came up with the idea to provide tailored fragrances for everyone.

Perfumes that evolve on your skin

With the excellent innovation of NINU premium perfumes, it is safe to say that when beauty and technology come together they create something unique and wonderful. The brand new perfumes are a perfect blend between timeless Italian design and advanced technology, giving the world pleasing and refined scents.

Through AI, you will have absolute control over your scent preferences. You can tone down the fragrance if you feel it’s too strong for a given event or place, or you can add an exotic note if you’re feeling excited. You will receive an alert as well when your scents are running out as the AI application will notify you to refill the cartridges.

Moreover, NINU wants to reduce the packaging waste that cosmetics industry generates every year, therefore, the company has utilized various eco-friendly alternatives, including natural ink on packaging cratons, having a cartridge refill system, and using perfume bottles made from recycled glass.