On Cloudnova is a sneaker for everyday wear with running tech

If you’re looking to run a marathon, when the competitive side of things begin to return to their normal, or you’re searching for a pair that can take you through your regular morning course, don’t look beyond the On’s Cloudnova. The sneaker is marketed as a lifestyle pair – which yet it is – but interesting, it comes with the company’s signature performance running tech.

With the introduction of the Cloudnova, On has managed to make a considerable leap into the athletics-centric silhouette with the brand’s very reliable lifestyle-driven approach. The pair is made for everyday wear, travel, urban exploration, and of course for the extra edge while walking and running.

Tech under the hood

The Cloudnova by the Swiss athletics company is equipped with state-of-the-art connected CloudTec that provides the foot a perfect cushioning on impact. The shoe also boast a very interesting Speedboard construction, which comes handy in propelling you forward for that extra-edge on the track.

The shoe’s rubber reinforcement supports natural rolling motion of the foot while the redesigned tongue piece offers unmatched fit. The inner sock construction offers soft and supportive feel while its padded heel and customizable lacing improve bend and flex. All this makes the pair really easy to slip into and very comfortable to wear throughout the day – no matter the physical activity you intend to undertake. 

Availability and pricing

We all have different footwear needs – runners like a lot of structure and cushioning on the shoe; people out on morning/evening jogs need comfortable fit; and for everyday substance you prefer style and looks. The On Cloudnova apparently has all these facets and can impress you at every step. 

The Cloudnova is available, via the On website, in White|Umber, Silver|Orange, and Black|Eclipse colors for $149. While the former two are out of stock, the Black Eclipse model is available in a range of sizes.