On Women’s Day: Five fashion rental companies reshaping the industry

The fashion industry is ever-evolving with various trends coming and going each year. The 21st century has seen a major trend in fast fashion, which has led to huge waste and sustainability issues. The industry has been under intense scrutiny from environmentalists. A pressure that have given birth to a new model to help solve the fast fashion crisis.

The new model of fashion or clothing rental has emerged as a solution, where users can rent out their own luxury clothes and accessories to other fashion aficionados. This guilt-free model provides popular styles, satisfying the ‘wear it once’ phenomenon and giving you a chance to reduce your fashion impact on the environment. Buy less, rent more with these popular fashion rental companies where all the favorite styles from famous designers are available.

Rent the Runway

The pioneering platform, Rent the Runway is a favorite for occasion-specific renting. The company offers a wide array of designer clothing and occasion dresses from Rebecca Minkoff, Elizabeth & James, Cynthia Rowley, and many others starting at as little as $30. It has users uploaded photos for each clothing item, where potential borrowers can filter out their choices according to size and height. Rent the Runway sends a backup size too and offers free shipping both ways.

By Rotation

The rental platform By Rotation was launched in October 2019, which quickly gained popularity owing to its variety of cult brands and influencer-approved items. This peer-to-peer rental app asks lenders to upload photos of the items for potential borrower’s ease of browsing. It allows members to make some extra money from unused clothing articles. Users can sign up to list and borrow mid- to high-end clothes, bags, and shoes from different brands.

The Lauren Look

A new rental subscription by the luxury brand Ralph Lauren, The Lauren Look allows members to rent looks from the brand’s most recent collections. A monthly subscription begins at $125 with unlimited swaps, free shipping, and access to 600 clothing items varying from daywear to special events. Moreover, if the user likes to add a particular dress to their wardrobe, the pieces can be bought at member-exclusive prices.

My Wardrobe HQ

My Wardrobe HQ is the UK’s first fashion rental service, which offers peer-to-peer cloth renting. The company has a wide variety of hand-selected pieces available to rent. Users can not only rent clothing and accessory items but also loan their own pieces to other people, and if they like the item, they can also buy it. The luxury clothing items have been sourced from various brand partners, celebrities, and influencers such as Arizona Muse, Olivia Buckingham, Caroline Fleming, and many others.

HURR Collective

HURR Collective’s line-up of ‘HURR Golden Girls’ lends the contents of their wardrobes to the potential borrowers – including Laura Whitmore, Amelia Windsor, and Laura Wills of The Fashion Bug Blog. Clothing pieces can be rented from a week up to a month and are delivered via Geo-tag meet-ups, Royal Mail, or HURR’s courier cycling service Pedal.