Osma portable brewer prepares barista-style cold coffee in two minutes

While making a good cup of cold brew coffee at home can take up hours, Osma portable brewer gives you barista-style coffee within two minutes. Designer Joey Roth engineered Osma to speed up the process of making cold brew so the user won’t have to wait long. The coffee maker can also be used for preparing hot coffee as well, making it ideal for java lovers who can enjoy their favorite blends whenever they desire.

Its special capability to preserve the distinct flavors of coffee distinguishes Osma from its counterparts. The device utilizes a patent-pending method that includes a combination of pressure, immersion, and circulation in order to create high-quality cold brew instantly.

Osma coffee maker

The small, sleek, and compact design of Osma is perfect to brew a delicious cup of coffee, both hot and cold. The short brewing process of this ingenious machine does not affect the quality of your beverage in any manner. You are served with a rich, smooth, and intense taste and fragrance of coffee.

Osma’s subtle triangular design features a capsule-based system topped with a clear brewing chamber for liquids and a sole button for operating the extraction process. The process for cold brew requires chilled water to obtain the desired silky texture and delectably complex flavor, similar to an overnight brew. The water goes through the reservoir and after a short time of bubbling procedure you get your favorite beverage.

Sustainable and portable

Osma can make at least 20 cups of coffee with one charge. The pods feature fine-quality Chromatic Coffee, but they are also available empty so you can fill them with their favorite coffee grounds. Moreover, these pods are designed with sustainability in mind. The brewer uses biodegradable pods, which can simply be used in your garden compost after use.

With a small and portable size, you can have a cup of your preferred beverage anywhere and anytime. Osma will serve you with a spectrum of flavor and aroma that typically hides or disappears while making a pour-over or using the high pressure and heat of an espresso machine. Osma portable coffee maker is available for $185.