Phantom Robotic Chessboard lets you play with voice, challenge opponents from anywhere

The suave sports fans prefer test cricket. The fiercer on the other side crave for football. Though it is Chess that lets you dance with the devil and is specifically meant for gentlemen who know how to dictate the tyranny discipline and check mate their opponents. Crafted out of natural wood, Phantom Chessboard is designed to cater to your artistic need of baiting someone with Danish Gambit or Budapest Trap.

Bridging the gap between physical and online play, the chessboard is equipped with a sensor array that detects the precise location of every piece and automatically moves the piece smoothly across the board. Whether you are playing an opponent online or battling out with board’s integrated AI, you’ll have an enthralling experience of physical chess battle take place right before your eyes.

Play with your voice

In the long list of features that the board offers, the best turns out to be hands free option. You can move your troops into battle with a mere voice command. Chess turns into poetry as the bishop sets out to trap the opponent’s queen and you don’t even move a single piece with hand.

Playing chess virtually with friends abroad can become more fun with the Phantom Chessboard. To curate this specific need, the automated board allows their moves to reflect in real-time on your board as if they were in the same room.

Player on the other side need not have the Phantom with them and can still play using their smartphone or computer. However, if you have the Phantom on either side, the experience becomes magical, as your moves are reflected on the opponent’s board in real-time as well.

Play with human-like AI

This unique chessboard not just allows you to play with any opponent online but also integrates a robotic algorithm where you can play with Maia, a human-like neural network chess engine, specifically designed to mimic human play. If you consider yourself a pro at chess and are tired of decimating your opponents, Phantom allows you to try your hard learnt gambits against a computer.

In addition, one can also hone his chess skills with a Phantom Tutor that functions as your personal chess trainer and helps you improve your game. The tutor remembers your move and recommends a better trap to sharpen your skills and capture your opponent pieces. Moreover, you can also record your game and flaunt your moves to your guests, if you may.

Chess lovers are free to either choose a classic set or a minimal set as per their desire and can preorder this wonderful chessboard now.