Philippe Starck Sphere Eyeglasses and Sunglasses shown off

The name Philippe Starck is almost synonymous with many good things—design excellence, imagination, inspiring, and influential. Those who love design know who Starck is—the famed French designer known for his dramatic creations.

Starck is popular for those Louis ghost chairs and other iconic furniture that may be familiar to your sight but don’t know exactly who the designer is. We mentioned Philippe Starck here a few times. We listed the WOW (Driade) Sofa last year as one of the most comfortable sofas that you’ll want to sink into. We also raved about his appearance in one design show.

Philippe Starck Eyewear With Functional Design

This time, we’re featuring another Philippe Starck collection that we know will definitely turn heads. Starck has designed a line of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Officially called as SPHERE for STARCK BIOTCH PARIS, this collection illustrates Starck’s trademark functional design.

An eyewear design by Starck is one of a kind because of the spherical lock system. It may not be obvious to the naked eye but the system allows for an efficient and smoother movement of the pieces. It won’t become loose nor crooked over time. The eyewear also stays in place on the user’s face.

Eyeglass hinges usually get worn out. It results then to the shape and fit being affected. Looking at the idea of the human collarbone socket, Starck implemented the ball-shaped hinge design.

Starck’s Legacy of Solid Structure and Design

Philippe Starck himself described his work: “The sphere is the purest and most solid structure in the living world, embodying its perfection. Minimal perfection, essential beauty.” The new collection includes five glasses and sunglasses. They are ultra-lightweight in titanium polymer material. The silhouette of the eyewear is rectangular and rectangular and vintage-inspired.

The Philip Starck Sphere for Biotch Paris Eyewear Collection is only available for purchase at Alain Mikli’s Madison Avenue Boutique. No information on pricing yet.