Phonak Naída Paradise is hearing aid and Bluetooth earbuds in one device

Phonak is one of the pioneers in life-changing hearing care solutions. Following some successful products in the past, the company has now launched the new Naída Paradise – an aid that gives people with “sever to profound hearing loss” superior sound quality and wireless connectivity.

Interestingly, the Phonak Naída is basically a powerful hearing aid that also functions as a pair of earbuds for taking calls and doing a lot more. This dual purpose earpiece is seventh generation Naída which is 27-percent lighter than its predecessor and almost 14-percent smaller in size.

Phonak Naída Paradise

Naída is a premier range of hearing aids from Phonak. Over the years these have been delivering robust and rich sound, which is only bettered in the Naída Paradise that connects over Bluetooth to function as earbuds and can be controlled using myPhonak app.

The new Naída Paradise brings more intelligence and promises to help people with hearing disabilities connect better with the world. Unlike the traditional aids, this connects with any Bluetooth-enabled audio device giving users more utility and ability to connect with convenience.

Two-in-one device

The Phonak Naída Paradise comes with a dual receiver capable of delivering up to 141dB of peak gain in UP model and in rechargeable model that increases to up to 130dB. Interestingly, the device is powered by PRISM chip running AutoSense OS 4.0.

The Naída Paradise is designed to enhance the soft speech in quiet places or to reduce the outside noise in loud areas. For additional user convenience, on touch of a button, the user when connected to a smartphone, can take or reject calls, and even activate voice assistants such as Siri and Google Assistant. If this feels impressive, the Phonak Naída Paradise is now available for pre-order.