Picturesque European villages you should plan to visit

Europe is one of the world’s most picturesque destination for travelers. The continent is blessed with the most beautiful destinations on the planet and human habitations which complement the natural beauty. The cosmopolitan European cities have a mix of night life, rich cultural heritage and diverse architecture, which give travelers enough reasons to explore them.

But the real essence of European culture and spell-bounding beauty is treasured in the villages. The small settlements in Europe will traverse you into a different era for an unforgettable experience, the next time you plan a trip. Here are the most beautiful villages that you should visit once in a lifetime to experience the magic.

Grindelwald, Switzerland  

Located in the foot hills of Switzerland’s Bernese Alps, this heaven on earth is a place for admirers of nature and adventure seekers. It is known for winter sports as the Kleine Scheidegg-Männlichen, Bod Mirena and Grindelwald mountains are known to be some of the best ski locations. The location offers beautiful hikes through the villages and you can also opt for the Jungfraubahn train ride which is Europe’s most adventurous railway journey.

Cudillero, Spain

A fishing village in Spain that is known for its coastal oasis and the quaint beaches. Cudillero has a local town which is a reflection of the rich heritage and cultural diversity. The seaside town will refresh you beyond belief as you get lost in the natural beauty and the simplistic lifestyle of the inhabitants.    

Sigtuna, Sweden

Also referred to as a stad, Sigtuna is a quiet town with a rare combination of spell-bounding beauty and architecture highlighted by Viking ruins and medieval churches. In fact it is one of the oldest village in Sweden, located on the Lake Malaren which is known for kayaking adventures. On the outskirts of the village, you can explore the castles which are some of the oldest in Europe.