PlayStation 1 and SEGA Saturn-themed watches for classic game fans

Gaming was a deeply embedded religion in the mid and late 90s (not that it isn’t now) and the SEGA and Sony gaming consoles were gods that we all worshipped without any questions asked. SEGA Saturn and Sony PlayStation 1 were selling like hotcakes back in the holiday season of 1994 and the following years. Kids, teenagers, and adults all loved to have endless sessions of engrossing gaming on the consoles.

Now Takara Tomy Arts has turned the nostalgic gaming consoles into chick wristwatches to revive back good old times. Yes, the Japanese entertainment company known for its cool merchandise is crafting unique watches for nerds and gamers all over the globe. The collection of timepieces will be available in Gashapon machines in mid-February.

Accessories for classic console cult

For geeks like me who have grown up playing classic titles on the gaming consoles, the Takara Tomy Arts collection of four different watches is like a god-sent accessory bundle. All of them come in different look and feel – meaning there’s one for every gaming fanatic out there.

The inspiration for the watch is reflected in the console of the individual watches that pay homage to the iconic gaming titles which kept gamers hooked on for hours, or even days at end.

PlayStation or SEGA – hard to choose

When you open up the disk hatch of the consoles on the watch, it reveals the digital time display and the classic game disk encapsulating it. SEGA Saturn has the two additive titles of the yesteryears – the Virtua Fighter 2 and the Sakura Taisen 2, while the PlayStation 1’s games Arc The Lad and Everybody’s Golf.

Each of the watches follows a strict color theme, replicating the dials’ look and the hues. Depending on the one you will choose, it has the Sony PlayStation or SEGA Saturn logos and motifs marked on them. The pricing for these cool gaming-themed watches has not been revealed yet. We hope they’ll be sold worldwide, following the initial Japan release.