Ponti Moju makes for nice indoor planters

If you’re considering of redecorateing your home for the New Year, you may want to look at the Moju. It’s a set of five indoor planters that come with clean lines. Each one features a more streamlined design that can match most interiors. The design is very Japanese with its simplicity, evoking zen and minimalism.

The term Moju comes from the Japanese word ‘mojura’. It means modular so you know you can adjust the look and function to meet your needs. The ‘chazutsu’ is the inspiration behind the container, showing the relationship between the user, product, nature, and surroundings. Each moju planter includes a base and a removable container so you can remove it.

Ponti Moju Planter in a Minimalist Design

The series was inspired by Japanese design and design language: the shape of the planters recalls the “chazutsu”, the Japanese tea leaf container and emphasize the relationship between product, user, nature, and surroundings. Each planter includes two parts: a removable container and a base.

The container is removable so it can be replaced or cleaned. It carries the soil and the plant. It’s also “green” as it made from black recycled polycarbonate. It looks elegant with the black matte finish.

Consistent Curves and Straight Lines

The container is held by the base. It’s the part that collects the water and keeps soil and roots moist all the time. The upper part is recyclable die-cast aluminum also with a matte finish.

The curves and straight lines are consistent in the design of the Moju collection. Each container features a different shape and size making it able to carry different kinds and sizes of plants depending on your preference.

Indoor plants are on-trend. They don’t just look nice. They also make the air inside a room cleaner. They are considered as plug-and-grow planters so they are very easy to use and maintain. The container can carry any succulent, plant, or creepers.

The Moju Planter is designed by Andrea Ponti of Ponti Design Studio. Design is only conceptual but we want to see this go into production soon.