Puma x MIT’s Calibrate Runner with Xetic technology is street-ready

In today’s cut-throat competitive world, companies look to stay a step ahead of the competition. In an effort to do so, sports brand PUMA has collaborated with MIT Design Lab to create a new street-ready sneaker with an all new cushioning technology called Xetic.

The Xetic technology combines the worlds of mechanical cushioning and foam to provide comfort in all wearing occasions – walking, running etc. The innovative technology will be first introduced in a Puma sneaker dubbed Calibrate Runner.

3D printed look, but just that

The midsole technology is a result of a four years of effort – achieved after a multitude of samples and prototypes were rejected. Puma and MIT finally settled for a sole construction that looks like horizontal numeric 8 interlocked in a mesh pattern.

This tech gets its Xetic name from “auxetic materials – structures that stretch and become thicker when pressure is applied. The sole looks like a 3D printed plastic structure, though, is made of foam to provide utmost comfort to the wearer no matter the occasion.     

The collaboration and more

According to Romain Girard, Senior Head of Innovation at Puma, the company partnered with MIT Design Lab because of the latter’s “high-expert engineering capabilities.” “MIT has computer simulation possibilities, which enabled us (Puma) to see the behavior of the material, and quickly find the optimal structure for calculated cushioning,” he informed.

“Straight from the lab, into the future,” the street-ready Calibrate Runner with Xetic tech in the heart will be a unique silhouette for sportsmen, collectors, and casual wearers alike. Puma says the kicks will be available in the US starting August 28 for $140 a pair in three colors – white, green, and white. Calibrate Runner will go on sale in Asia and Europe from August 7 and 15 respectively.