Razer Opus X ANC headphones offer low-latency mode on a budget

Gaming accessories maker Razer is on the radar of geeks for all the good reasons, and here is another one to get excited about. Their latest wireless Opus X headphones equipped with active noise cancelling tech for immersive an experience while gaming or listening to music.

These new pair of cans are targeted for users who are on a tight budget but don’t want to go for headphones that don’t offer ANC. The Opus X headphones are a cheaper version of the pricier Opus headphones released last year, but bear in mind, Opus X headphones have no major compromises compared to them.

Low latency Opus X ANC headphones

The Razer’s new headphones bring active noise cancelling modes to negate disturbing sounds, and when needed, you can switch to quick attention mode to let ambient sounds in.

For a cheeky price tag of $100 (half that of the older sibling), the Opus X headphones bring the low-latency “Gaming Mode” too. This will bring a simile to the faces of gamers who choose wired option over normal wireless headphones due to the slight lag in audio. Over Bluetooth 5 connectivity, Opus X have reduced latency of just 60 milliseconds.      

Good audio quality and wearing comfort

Being on a budget doesn’t mean Opus X headphones have any deal-breaking compromises. They have large 40mm drivers housed inside the large ear pads for wearing comfort. The headphones come in cool color options – Green, Quartz (pink), and Mercury (white) – ideal for next-gen buyers.

Razer has cut some corners to arrive at the $100 price for these headphones though. The headphones are not certified for THX branding and don’t have the wired mode option if the battery runs out. They have an average battery life of 30 hours with ANC mode on, but that’s not a major concern. Overall a good pair of headphones at this amazing price tag.