Reebok x Ghostbusters to release two different pairs of themed sneakers

Halloween is just around the corner and turns out we need a spooky pair of sneakers to run around the neighborhood, or maybe even beyond. For the fans of the paranormal, Reebok is slated to release two new sneakers inspired by the 1984 blockbuster – The Ghostbusters – well in time for Halloween.

The two sneakers “Ghost Smashers” and the “Classic Leather” shoes are going to go up on sale on October 31 and the themed pairs will definitely have the buff elated, especially given the abundance of details these silhouettes would include.  

Ghost Smashers

First up in the inspired range is the Ghost Smashers – a fearlessly designed pair of sneakers that takes one straight back to the 80s. The leather upper of the shoes is completely worn and weathered, as if it has already been through a few ghost feet before making its way to Reebok store.

The signature details of the film are not easy to miss on the Ghost Smasher. The overly white design gives you very strong Ecto-1 vibes, while the removable faux OG Pump proton pack on the heel is so nostalgic. You’ll find hand-drawn “No Ghost” logo on the tongue, while the look is completed by the protective mid-top and ankle straps that comfortably secure the foot under soft lux leather upper. The Ghost Smasher will retail for $150.

Classic Leather shoes

If you don’t want to strap on the proton pack, then lace up into a pair of classic leather Ghostbusters sneakers that celebrate the Sony’s original blockbuster in equal spirit. Some notable deign tributes include the slime graphic on the outsole, the welded logo on the tongue, and the Ghostbusters jumper inspired textile upper that resembles the historic khaki jumpsuit in the movie.

If you are beginning to catch up with the look, watch out for the caution stripes on the heel and the Ready to Believe You inscribed around the back of the heel collar. You can grab onto a pair of Ghostbusters Classic Leather shoes for $100.