Rimowa, Moncler collaboration brings new Reflection suitcase

Tourism may be down right now in many parts of the world but there is no stopping those in the travel business for coming up with new services and products. The current virus outbreak and health scare won’t be forever anyway. It’s only a matter of time before a cure is discovered and people go and fulfill their wanderlust.

Companies like Rimowa will not settle for anything less. There is still a market for luxury travel items. Any Rimowa luggage collection will still remain popular especially among those who can afford the brand.

Rimowa and Moncler Team Up to Design a New Luggage

To make things more fun and interesting, Rimowa teamed up with Moncler for the ‘Reflection’ luxury luggage line. This collab offers a unique suitcase that bears the standard metallic body plus the iconic Moncler typeface across the middle.

That thing in the middle is actually a built-in LED ticker. The Reflection luggage offers minor tech but it works in communicating and personal branding.

The aluminum suitcase is contrasted by the black handles, frames, corners, and locks. The LED screen is removable and is easy to use in showing quick messages.

Digital, Personalized Luggage for the Distinct Traveler

The Rimowa x Moncler presents “Reflection” which actually “translates this digital experience into the physical world with hyper-personalized luggage that can express its owners every mood.” With the Relection app, you can change the message or note every day. It’s up to you what message or how often.

We’re thinking this can be a good display to show quick reminders especially when you’re traveling alone for work and no one else is with you in the room. For fun, you can write “Back Off!” or “Do Not Steal” so no one would dare touch your stuff while at the airport.

The Rimowa Moncler suitcase comes with bright yellow tags and a set of packing cubes. It will officially launch in the market later in June. It will also be a limited edition offering that you can only buy in stores and at Rimowa’s website.