Robert Downey Jr. co-produced Sweet Tooth on Netflix soon

As Robert Downey Jr. leaves Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe behind, it seems his thirst for comic book-based projects isn’t quenched yet. Along with his wife Susan, Downey is now teaming up with former Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz to produce a new TV show for Netflix.

This new show will be a family-friendly production aiming at broad viewership. Dubbed by some as “Mad Max meets Bambi”, it takes place in a mostly rural post-apocalyptic setting where some creatures are human-animal hybrids.

Sweet Tooth – the plot

Sweet Tooth is an American comic book series that revolves around a boy named Gus who is part deer- part boy and lives a quiet life deep in the woods with his father after a cataclysmic event destroys the world.

While he loves the surroundings and his father, Gus always longs to wonder around the world and explore it. After his father’s death, strange men try to capture him and were slayed by Jeppard, who then promises to take Gus to a sanctuary. But, Jeppard betrays Gus to a horrible scientific facility in return for the bones of his life.

However, Gus joins a family of humans and other human-animal hybrids prisoned at the facility to try and find answers in this new world. In the process, he attempts to solve the mystery of his own hybrid origin.

Eight-episode series

The streamer has given an eight-episode series order for the live-action drama series called Sweet Tooth, which is based on characters created by Jeff Lemire. Schwartz also serves as co-showrunner and writer of the show alongside Jim Mickle. The show will feature some relatively lesser-known characters of DC Comics.

The cast for Sweet Tooth has been finalized, with Christian Convery, Nonso Anozie, Adeel Akhtar, Will Forte, and James Brolin as the narrator. Anyhow, Netflix has not announced a premiere date for Sweet Tooth just yet, so it might be a while before Gus and friends make it to the small screen.