Roccat x Oakley Metalink: Gaming compatible eyewear for geeks

When it comes to gaming, geeks are very particular about their gear. And why not, after all they are everything related to the latest tech and in most part style. With that in mind, Lifestyle brand Oakley has joined forces with gaming peripheral maker Roccat to create something peppy with a lot of usefulness.

A headset compatible eyewear that goes perfectly with a geek den’s setup and assures long hours of gaming without the discomfort of wearing headset and glasses at the same time. Oakley is in partnership with Turtle Beach for some time now, and the firm is now owned by Roccat, so this indirect partnership between the two brands is an exciting development.

Called the Roccat x Oakley Metalink the eyewear brings together Oakley’s technology prowess and Oakley’s styling sense for the frame design. The result, Metalink brings to the fore a sport-inspired accessory made from premium materials to give geeks that definitive style and functionality they love.

The gaming glasses have the Prizm Gaming Lens technology by Oakly for potent blue light filtering. The lenses filter out around 40 percent blue light from modern digital gadgets and PCs to game stronger for longer without any straining.

Style and comfort that gamers demand

This pair of glasses is a limited edition offering that brings improved vision with a tailored fit for gamers who already love their Roccat gaming headset. Roccat x Oakley Metalink will not tire down your ears or head after long duration of usage – something that gamers always complain with their glasses on.

The collection is currently available on the official Oakley website. One thing to keep in mind though, the glasses are only available with Oakley’s Authentic Prescription lenses. You can also get them directly from the stores in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and Singapore.