Smart fitness gadgets that’ll help you stay active and healthy

Staying fit and active is important more than ever in today’s hectic lifestyle. Having technology to assist you in your quest to achieve prime fitness is great, but choosing from the sea of options can be a stressful task. You need to pick the smart gadgets that are effective and less gimmicky.

When used wisely, gadgets like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other intelligently designed products can be of great help in your quest for prime fitness. They give you an in-depth analysis of the fitness regime and motivate you towards fitness goals. So, here are some cool gadgets that you can try out to stay healthy and fit for life.

Fitness tracker

One gadget that you can bank on for tracking your daily activities and vital health metrics is of course a fitness tracker. Fitbit Charge 4 is one that you should go for its sleek and customizable design that’s hard to rival. The tracker has a good battery life, reliable heart sensor, and an accurate SpO2 reader. Charge 4 is the brand’s best fitness tracker to date as it has worked on the input from users and made improvements which make it one of the best to get right now. Buy for $150.

Isometric strength trainer

Busy lifestyle requires gadgets that give you quick and easy ways to do strength training without any fuss. The Activbody Activ5 portable fitness system will help you build muscle strength and get a toned, lean physique anytime anywhere. More than 100 low impact workout regimes on the companion app help you hit the right muscle sections for a quick workout. It gives you a lightning-fast way to practice isometric exercises without joint movement which is great for the lazy heads out there. Buy for $110.

Smart jump rope

One easy way to get in perfect shape is by skipping ropes and what better than a smart rope to get your body sweating for an ideal cardiovascular activity. The Tangram Smart Jump Rope Rookie is a gadget that connects to your smartphone for an in-depth analysis of the calories burnt and the number of skips. To add a fun and competitive element – the gadget lets you challenge friends to jump rope competition. The 3 meter long rope is adjustable and comes with dual rope holders that are attached to the handles. Buy for $60.