Sprite Ginger debuts with streetwear collection

The world-famous soft drink apart from Coke is Sprite. It’s from the same company but it hasn’t been mentioned here yet—not even once until today. Believe it or not, the clear carbonated drink now has a new flavor.

Coke is available in different flavors. Coke Zero may not be a flavor but a different variant but there’s Coke Cherry, Coke Vanilla, and Coke Orange Vanilla. They are not always available in the market as some are launched as a limited offering. As for Sprite, we encountered Sprite Cherry and Sprite Cranberry before.

Ginger Ale Gets a Rival

A new flavor is ready: Sprite Ginger. Now that is one interesting flavor. At first, we thought of Ginger Ale and true enough, the two are being compared at the moment.

Sprite, with its lemon-lime flavor, is improved with some ginger. You will taste a hint of ginger and will soon start asking for more. Maybe it won’t “quench your thirst” immediately because the taste is just so good.

Sprite Ginger is also joined by Sprite Ginger Zero Sugar. Of course, consumers must have a choice to have some sugar or no sugar at all.

‘Thirst for Yours’ Campaign Brings a New Ginger Collection

Sprite has this ‘Thirst for Yours’ campaign that celebrates the brand’s connection to the hip-hop culture. Several artists and emerging talents are being empowered by his campaign by encouraging them to creatively express themselves.

Sprite has tapped different creators and designers, lead by streetwear icon Jeff Staple, to work on the “Ginger Collection”. No, there are no other Sprite Ginger variants. It’s simply a line of Sprite Ginger-themed merch that includes T-shirts, hoodie, skateboard deck, vinyl figurine, and other accessories.

The Ginger Collection will be presented in the coming weeks through different stories of the creators. Sprite and hip-hop fans may want to watch out each week for possible special drops and announcements.