Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 debuts with simplicity and timeless design

Two of the most popular and most influential brands today are teaming up for the nth time. It seems the pair is unstoppable when it comes to coming up with items that impact society today in terms of fashion and style. You’d think it’s shallow because it’s “just fashion” but we all know it’s more than that.

Nike and Supreme have partnered once again to come up with new designs of new Air Force 1 Low. The latest collab offers a familiar design that we know will capture the hearts and fashion sense of real sneakerheads.

Nike and Supreme, Always Together

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low

The Nike Air Force 1 Low is available in either all-white or all-black with the iconic red Supreme label found on the sides and the insoles. It really is very simple compared to previous designs and colorways the two have introduced.

This is already the duo’s sixth AF1 collab. It’s very basic because that’s what the two want—go back to basics. You’d think this is a no-brainer design but it takes guts to release something this plain.

Nike and Supreme’s newest collaboration has been revealed last month but not many people are happy that the two major brands didn’t exert much effort. Well, we say to each his own. We like it since it’s simple and streamlined. It’s just difficult to maintain the “all-whiteness” but it is pleasing to the eyes. The white especially is trendy but the black is equally pleasing with its classic look.

Timeless, Classic, and Minimalist

Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low

The design is timeless. This Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 can last you a long time—that is, if you know how to properly take care of your shoes.

There is a minimalist feel to the pair but the red and black laces with Supreme written all over can be the perfect accent. There is no large, colored Swoosh here. Just that thread part on the sides.

The Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low is now available at Supreme’s flagship stores and online since March 5. Price tag reads $96. That’s affordable but we won’t be surprised if a pair will rack up hundreds to thousands in resale value.