SylvanSport x Zeus off-road electric motorhome promises 400 miles range

Motorhomes have come of age in the past decade or so; we have amphibious ones and even luxury yachts for the land, which can drive your Ferrari or Bugatti parked within. Now SylvanSport is “leading the charge” to create electric motorhomes of the future that can offer a lot…. a lot of range!

With the vision of an off-road electric motorhome you can take virtually anywhere within a 200 miles range and return home without needing another gush of power, SylvanSport has collaborated with Zeus Electric Chassis for the one-of-its-kind electric motorhome offering a total range of 400 miles.

The concept 

The electric motorhome is a concept for now. It doesn’t have an official name, but is being billed as “Leading the Charge.” The company in its statement notes: “SylvanSport is leading the charge toward sustainability with all-electric RV line.”

This all-electric RV is expected to weigh almost 14,000lbs, and measure about 25ft long by 12.3ft wide and offer 10ft headroom. Packed in with a battery (specifics unheard at the time of writing), the motorhome is likely to provide up to 400 miles (approx. 650km) of range on a single charge.

In addition to the magical mileage, the SylvanSport motorhome shall have other significant takeaways. For instance, the battery onboard would support DC fast charge, reportedly capable of juicing up 80-percent of it in under an hour. The adventure-bound RV shall feature some sort of additional energy management system (solar presumably) for powering appliances and catering to lighting requirements aboard.

Other details

Through the information in the public domain and available renders, this RV will feature all-wheel drive military-grade axles, and independent coil spring suspension on the front and the rear. Steaming a total output of 290hp and 3,000 pound-feet of torque, this off-road capable RV will come powered by liquid-cooled permanent magnet AC motors.

Not much is known about the interiors but we can assume – from the images – that the motorhome will have a pull-out kitchenette on the front and a cozy sleeping area in the rear. How the battery and other components are placed is a story for another day, but through images, it’s evident that you’ll get racks to hang your kayaks and other gear on the exterior.  

Slated to herald the future of zero-emissions off-road trips and adventure rides into the wilderness, the SylvanSport motorhome is slated to debut in 2022. This next-gen electric RV doesn’t have a price tag but clearly, it will land in green and gray combo.