Tag Heuer Connected x Mario watch: First look, pricing and all you need to know

The luxury watch space really lit up after Tag Heuer tweeted that a Super Mario-inspired watch was in the works. We briefed you about the possibilities of such a watch yesterday and today its first look with all probable details has appeared.

The Tag Heuer Connected x Mario limited edition watch is the first product in collaboration between the Swiss watchmaker and Nintendo. This is based on Tag Heuer’s Connected smartwatch and comes with a range of Mario-themed antics every fan will fall for.

Tag Heuer Connected redesigned in Super Mario colors

Apple is the undisputed king of smartwatches, led by the Apple Watch Series 6. While OEMs including Samsung, Google and others are playing catchup, Tag Heuer remains consistent to its realm of luxury watches and forays into the smartwatch arena with a traditional form factor of course with fitness features.

The third edition of the Tag Heuer Connected, this Mario-themed watch doesn’t deviate much from the predecessor’s form. It’s a 45mm watch with a classic steel case and runs Wear OS. For the Mario twist, the watch features bezel, push buttons and crown all drenched in red with Super Mario’s M logo on the crown.  The bezel has Mario icons at the 3, 6 and 9 positions.

The connected Tag Heuer features sensors for fitness tracking, including heart rate monitor, and has activity tracking options. The fitness and activity tracking on this watch are made interesting with the use of features from Super Mario. For instance, on meeting 25-, 50-, 75, or 100-percent of fitness goal, Mario animations pop up on the dial.

25-percent goal achievement reveals Super Mushroom that makes Mario grow, at 50-percent the pipe that offers the Italian plumber speed shows up and at 75-percent the Super Star the grants Mario invisibility shows up. On reaching 100-percent of your fitness target, Mario climbs the Goal Pole.

Notable features

GPS-enabled Tag Heuer Connected x Mario limited edition watch comes packed with a 430mAh battery, which according to the company can give up to 20 hours of playback. The watch is paired with a choice of two straps – red rubber and black leather – and features M logo on the buckle to complete the themed appearance.

You can currently sign up for the Tag Heuer Connected Mario watch on the official website. It will however be available in a limited run of 2,000 units, likely from July 15. The watch will arrive in a Super Mario-themed red travel case and will set you back $2,150.