Tasman Garden Hose Trolley is one tool for all outdoor watering needs

Spending time making your garden or lawn look great is both fun and relaxing. Not so much when you do not have the right outdoor watering solution. Hose trolleys are especially useful tools to keep your lawn looking neat.

Hose trolleys are available dime a dozen in the market. Most of them are practical and trendy, but a large number of them are a tad difficult to put back after use. Enter Tasman hose trolley that is elegant, durable and a quality garden tool to have.  

Construction and usage

The Tasman hose trolley is well designed with optimized balance for all the watering needs of your garden, yard, lawn and more. The hose trolley is designed by eminent designer Alain Giles for garden design company ZEE.

It’s not only the tasteful and distinctive appearance that makes the Tasman hose system different from the others on the market, in fact, it’s the durable design and performance ability that adds to the tool’s merits.

Tasman is made from galvanized steel frame which has thick powder has coated matt layer that makes it highly durable and weatherproof. The rubber handles and robust PU tires add to the hose’s ease-of-use.

Price and availability

With 50m hose for long range use, the Tasman is a perfect outdoor watering solution for around the house. It can be used for feeding, cleaning, and playing in addition to tending to the lawn.   

It is available on ZEE’s website for approximately $350 in two colors: black and white. There is nothing fancy about Tasman, it is simple and single-colored tool that would look cool left outside in the lawn too.