These are finest whiskey glasses to pick for your next party

When it comes to whiskey, how you present it matters. This is where glasses come in. There is nothing as exciting as sipping the finest liquor from the right kind of glass. It not looks and feels good in the hand, but can elevate the taste of your drink too.  

With several types of whiskey glasses on the market, it is quite easy for you to get confused while picking the right type of glass for your next party. Some are specifically designed to direct your attention solely on the whiskey, here a few of such whiskey glasses.

Glencairn Whiskey Glass

The Glencairn whiskey glass was the first to be endorsed by the Scotch Whiskey Association. The shape of the glass is derived from the traditional nosing copitas used in whiskey labs around Scotland. The elegant design of the glass won the Queen’s Award for innovation in 2006. The tapered mouth of the glass allows you to really smell all of the nuances the whiskey has to offer. Anyone who truly enjoys whiskey will sure love this glass!

Norlan Whiskey Glass

Norlan is designed to capture the complex flavors and aromatics of a whiskey and deliver them to the senses. The stunning blown-glass vessel with a unique double-walled construction offers a flawless blend of functionality with an aesthetically beautiful structure. A protuberance inside the glass creates a wave when whiskey is swirled, which increases the rate of oxidation and ethanol evaporation, resulting in a smoother and softer aroma.

Art Deco Whiskey Tumblers

These glasses have generous capacity to enjoy more than one shot of your best whiskey with plenty of room for soda or ice. Besides, the Art Deco-inspired tumblers make a suave statement. Featuring a thick base, these glasses are shatter resistant, and the 10-ounce capacity means they can work perfectly for cocktails as well. The crystal-clear glasses refract the light, creating a brilliant sparkle, while the sweeping lines of the design are sculpted. The decanter has plenty of space to store your drink and is perfect to savor multiple shots of your favorite whiskey. 

Marquis Waterford Crystal Whiskey Glass

The stunning Waterford Crystal whiskey glasses are designed to impress and express your fine taste. Marquis by Waterford is perfect for entertaining at home or as a stylish present for someone. Marquis by Waterford brings sparkling beauty to any celebration as each graceful piece is flawless for effortless entertaining. The elegantly crafted crystal whiskey glasses feature a classic cut pattern design and sculpted stems.

Kanars Everest Whiskey Glass

Featuring lead-free crystal and wide-diameter, these glasses are great for appreciating the essence and aroma of your drink. The contours ensure they are easy to handle at parties. The beautiful design with its exquisite lines makes it an elegant piece of art. Its wide, crafted opening puts the nose at the optimum angle to enjoy the subtle flavors of whiskey. These glasses are dishwasher safe and easy to rinse with water.

Diamond Whiskey Glass

Not only are these diamond-shaped glasses are aesthetically pleasing, they can also enhance your whiskey drinking experience. The vessel rests at a 50-degree angle that is both anti-rocking and spill-proof. The fun-shaped lead-free, crystal clear vessel has a capacity to hold 10-ounces. The high-quality glass is dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer safe. It is perfectly suitable for daily use and cleans easily.