These Sweet Nike Dunk Low are for EKIN employees only

At first glance at the images of the Nike Dunk Low colorway shoes below, you might think the images are reversed. The normal Nike logo is reversed for Ekin employees. Ekin is Nike backward. Ekin employees are sort of product representatives tasked with being storytelling experts and educating retailers and consumers about Nike products and the brand in general.

To say this particular Dunk Low is rare would be an understatement. It’s only available to Ekin employees. It’s not particularly flashy with its gray, white, black, and orange color scheme. They are beautiful shoes, and odds are you’ll never see a pair in person, much less own them.

The shoe uppers are made from leather, as one would expect of a pair of Nike shoes. Each shoe has a different logo on the back in the heel area with one reading traditional Nike and the other reading Ekin.

Rather than sizing information you might expect to find on the tag inside the tongue, the tongue tag reads, “You are no longer uninformed.” That branding symbolizes the job Ekin employees perform by informing others about the Nike brand and products.

The insoles of the shoes are emblazoned with a collage of city icons from different cities around the world. It’s unclear how much the shoes cost, but normal athletic shoe fans won’t be able to buy them. That is unless an Ekin employee picks up pair and then turns to eBay to make a little cash. Nike fans might also want to check out the Kyrie S2 Hybrid Chinese New Year shoes we mentioned earlier this morning. Those shoes are available to the public and have a very cool and brightly colored design.