Three growlers to port home your brew

If you like to take home draft beer, cider or kombucha, you will agree that the worry to lose brew’s character by the time it’s cherished, keeps haunting and the feeling grows stronger until the drink is finished.

Evaluated on material quality, construction, design, beverage taste preservation, temperature stability and ease of maintenance, here are three growlers to easily transport your favorite brew and enjoy it, as it was, no matter where you are.

With time, airtight jugs have evolved to high-quality insulated stainless steel models. They preserve the taste content and character of your pour providing you a brewery fresh experience later. These modern, easy to port, 64 Oz capacity growlers keep the brew chilled, carbonated and sparkling for hours without degradation in quality.

uKeg 64 Copper by GrowlerWerks

For a traditional brewery look this growler is available in a bright copper finish. The vessel has a durable double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel design. The 64 oz capacity Keg keeps your brew fresh, chilled and carbonated for two weeks.

The growler offers a CO2 regulated cap to adjust the pressure for desired carbonation level. It has a gauge to monitor the pressure inside the container and has a custom (interchangeable) dispenser tap to provide you a brewery experience at home.

There is a glass window bar to keep an eye on the consumption of your fill. Measuring 5.2-inch x 8.1-inch x 10.9-inch, the growler is priced at $179. A similar capacity growler is available in stainless steel finish for $159.

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Growler

With impressive thermo 3D double wall vacuum insulation technology, the growler keeps your brew fresh and cold for up to 24 hours. The vessel is made with BPA free medical grade stainless steel, it prevents any metallic flavor from adulterating your drink. Its thread less lid seals the carbonation and prevents leakage.

Due to its vacuumed insulated design and powder coated outer, the vessel does not sweat, although it keeps the beverage cold inside. The buckle lid when opened locks in place to facilitate a smooth pore.

The flask is easy to carry, available in three colors – white, steel, and black it is priced at $54.97. The growler is not dishwasher safe, for durability, wash it with hand to prevent damage to the powder-coated exterior.

Stanley’s Classic Easy-Pour Growler

This classic growler lets you transport your favorite brew uncompromised in taste and quality. The vessel is constructed with a BPA free, stainless steel double wall vacuum insulation to provide a 24 hour frosty freshness to your beverage. It can store a hot beverage for 18 hours.

Easy to open, the growler is sealed with a leak proof steel-lined insulated lid, which retains the carbonization level for fresh fizzy feel. Its wide mouth opening allows effortless filling and cleaning.

The container is easy to carry with a stable grip handle that also enables effortless one hand pouring. The growler is available in three colors, Hammertone Green, Matte Black and Nightfall for $55. The growler is dishwasher safe and comes with a Surgeon General’s warning label, regarding alcohol consumption on the container.