TONE Factory Turntable: One sleek, slim, and stylish vinyl player

We love good old vintage stuff getting a modern redesign. Perhaps one of the more popular items we’ve been seeing the past few years that have become a trend is a turntable. A new one has been sighted and once again, bearing a minimalist style we know many people will love.

After the Vinyl Table bringing retro goodness to a living room and that +Record Player delivering rich sound in elegant vinyl form, here is the TONE Factory Turntable. Like any turntable, this one plays your vinyl record in a minimalist way.

Simple, Stylish, Maybe Surreal

The simple yet stylish design is what makes this an attractive winner. A minimalist item like this is okay to show off so go ahead, place the TONE Factory Turntable on that console table. It will look beautiful and easily be a conversation starter.

The turntable comes as a flat plane with a clean, streamlined design. It has recently won the “Best of Austrian Design” award at the Austrian Design Prize 2019 in Vienna. It boasts a circular pedestal base, giving the audio device an elevated look. Underneath is where the motor, phono stage, and Bluetooth module are located.

Top Design Plus Premium Audio

The turntable looks sleek and slim as made possible by the design that puts the important function underneath. The chassis is a CNC-engineered MDF. The cartridge has been made together with Ortofon, a Danish manufacturer.

The belt drive can support both 33 or 45 RPM records. It can be switch swiftly, thanks to an electronic switch control. When it comes to audio quality, another Austrian company known as Pro-Ject Audio Systems, has worked on the sounds. You can connect it to a wireless Bluetooth speaker or a traditional speaker via RCA cables.

To make the most of the TONE Factory Turntable, we recommend you get a hi-fi speaker system so the best audio is retained. Color options include Green, White, and Black. Expect a beautiful Satin Finish if and when it arrives.