Uplift 2.0 unwinding spiral sculpture will make you forget your problems

It’s December. You need to relax. I know I need to be reminded about this because this month, the household tends to be really busy. Everyone in the family, school, or work must learn to slow down. Don’t get too caught up with the busy-ness of the holidays because really, no one is forcing you. You won’t be graded if you don’t finish the decors and the shopping.

You may need all the help you can get so stare by drifting away your gaze as you look at this spiraling sculpture. It’s guilt-free because the object is green—being manufactured from waste and old fishing nets.

Art to Uplift the Soul

The aim of this project is to uplift the soul. In a stressful environment, you need something that will inspire you and remind you to unwind. The flowing motion is a bit hypnotic so be prepared to fall asleep and just be relaxed.

To make the limited edition spiral, the designers gather waste fishing nets from Hake Fisheries (Cornwall, England) and had them purified. Place the Uplift 2.0 by the window where it is sunny. Don’t worry when it’s dark because it can still work under an overcast sky. It’s revolution isn’t fast—just right at 40 spins per minute.

Let It Go, Let It Flow

The spiral can turn in both directions. It’s like telling you to let go or let flow what you are feeling at the moment. Relax. You really deserve a break.

To make it more fun, change the direction by using a magnetic wand. It can last a lifetime because of the materials used and yet it still comes in a modern design. Lucky buyers will receive a flipbook as well. The campaign must be over before the concept design turns into reality.

Uplift 2.0 can be a great gift for Christmas. It’s ideal for any family member, relative, or friend who is always stressed for whatever reason. Go ahead. Share this Uplift 2.0 and start making the world a more stress-free environment.