Virgil Abloh’s airplane-shaped bag for Louis Vuitton is insanely priced

Luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton presented its Fall-Winter 2021 collection by Virgil Abloh at the beginning of this year, featuring the Off-White designer’s portrayal of radical thinking through menswear.

The collection comprising a range of clothing that symbolizes masculine archetypes also features carrier bags with a new language that transcends the bounds of typical fashion. The main highlight, without marking any other article less vital, is the airplane-shaped bag quoted at an eye-watering $39,000.

Airplane-shaped Keepall bag

Enthralling as it is, the exorbitantly priced handbag for the new generation of air travelers has garnered mixed reactions from netizens. Some unamused label it downright expensive with annotations as you can buy a car for much less.

For flying buff, this is an invitation to ditch the dumb bags and soar with your own plane in the cabin. If that sounds you – and your pocket allows – Keepall bag is worth the expensive goodies you tag along in the carry-on. When you’re grounded, your statement is delivered by the monogram on the walk through the corridors or at the lounge.

The decoration

Since it’s for Louis Vuitton, the bag is adorned with the brand’s traditional monogram logo. Just for the LV pattern and the amateurish shape you can shell that money or drive home in a Mini Electric and still have extra cash to feed a few if you like.

That’s not what the world demands – the fashion-forward like to be in tangent unattainable. So when life boils down to making a decorative statement – the airplane Keepall bag will definitely make heads pop up in awe at the first stride on the aisle.