Volleybak Indestructible Puffer: World’s Strongest Jacket

Not many people care much about their puffer jackets just as long one can protect them from the cold weather. Wintertime is here in most parts of the world. We’re guessing you’ve already busted out your winter clothing and boots. Some of you may have probably started shopping for new stuff just because it’s a new season.

A puffer jacket is a must-have in winter. It doesn’t really look flattering. In fact, it adds some weight to your look but it doesn’t matter as long as you are warm and comfortable. We can’t do something about the style. At the moment, a puffer jacket’s style is limited to colors and maybe length. Add a few pockets or buttons here and there, it can look a bit different but not exactly stylish.

Not Your Ordinary Puffer Jacket

For those who want strong jackets for whatever reason, Vollebak has come up with this—The Indestructible Puffer. The traditional puffer jacket is made even stronger by using a special fiber that is said to be 15 times stronger than steel. Is that even possible? Of course, especially when we’re talking about every fiber of the material.

Imagine wearing a steel-plated jacket. It’s like you’re really indestructible. Well, that’s what the jacket is called. The Indestructible Puffer’s material is originally used in armor vehicles, mooring systems, and ropes for oil rigs. The material is also able to stop bullets.

Very Extra-Ordinarily Indestructible Jacket

Material strength aside, the Indestructible Puffer Jacket can keep you warm up to -40°C. You can only get the jacket in black so this can’t be a fashion choice. You will have to choose this for a major purpose.

The item is now available for pre-order. Choose from different sizes from XS to XXL. The price tag reads $995. Shipping will begin on the 25th of November.