Wastberg W203 Ilumina Lamp gets updated with minimalist design

Going minimalist doesn’t always mean reducing your stuff by throwing them all out. Oftentimes, it also means choosing products that feature very simple or streamlined designs. It’s sometimes in the aesthetics because we believe in the ‘less is more’ adage.

When it comes to home design and interior, we prefer those that may look basic and neutral to many. We like the simple, clean, and more streamlined décor and style that can last for a long time. There are a lot of classic items that have been updated to look modern yet not overwhelming.

Classic Library Lamp Gets a Modern Update

British designer Ilse Crawford has recently upgraded the classic library lamp for Wastberg—a Swedish lighting brand known for its Scandinavian design. The product known as the W203 Ilumina Lamp is a perfect illustration of mixing beauty with energy efficiency.

You see, your things should not look ugly to be considered “green”. We’re in this day and age when beauty can be eco-friendly too.

At the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair recently, Wästberg showed off the lamp. Ilse Crawford was asked to design something modern that makes use of the newest lighting tech. The classic silhouette of the lamp may remind you of the past but this one looks simpler now.

Minimalist Beauty With Function

When interviewed, designer Crawford shared, “Wästberg was interested in the typology of light with character and atmosphere.” It was about beauty, function, and process. The lamp comes with a column in the middle where the LED light source is hidden. Light is then projected onto a reflector under the shade. The rest is an even glow on the surface of a table or wherever.

It’s no ordinary lamp as it makes use of a frequency driver that will produce a dimmable and flicker-free light. For more drama, there are linear holes in the shade so light can also pass through.

Crawford added, “Ilumina integrates this in an environmentally and technically optimal lamp.” The W203 Ilumina comes in a high-gloss copper finish. There is also a brushed aluminum and eggshell white version.