Watch Tower gives a modern-day makeover to 1960s original cat tower

Invented in 1968 by Frank Crow, a cat tree provides a clawing surface of maximum allure to a cat. The invention transformed over the years and is a must for cat owners nowadays. China-based Ziel Home Furnishing has updated the original cat tower to fit the modern interior design standards.

The first cat tree featured carpeted perches, boxes and inclines where cats could peer out and view their surroundings. Dubbed Watch Tower, this hardwood cat tree gives the cat tower from the ‘60s a stylish and contemporary touch.

Watch Tower

Featuring a wide and large base, the Watch Tower maintains a stable foundation for the structure. The base has a scratch pad for healthy nail growth of your cat. Its first level has a donut-shaped wooden deck, which allows the cats to climb and jump before approaching the second level.

The second tier of the cat tree features a wooden platform that extends out to float above the ground. Attached to this platform, there is a ball on a string for the felines to play. The uppermost level of the tower is designed for the cats to rest and to observe, which might appeal to them most as cats love to perch on the high ground than their surroundings.

A modern makeover

The simple and sophisticated alterations in the design of the cat tree aim to adapt the interior of a modern household. It is designed to flawlessly fit into living rooms and play areas where hardwood flooring is the main point.

Moreover, its playful design offers entertainment for felines as they climb their way up the tower. The detachable structure of Watch Tower is easy to assemble and disassemble, allowing you the freedom to set it in any room and setting.

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  • cat condo Australia
    Posted April 29, 2022 8:42 pm 0Likes

    Many cat trees have built-in, dangly toys so that your kitty has something to chase.

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