Winter wear essentials for men in 2021

Winter is a beautiful season but a chilly one, so what you wear is extremely important. When it comes to shopping for the weather, you must include certain essentials to keep you warm without cramping up your style. Your winter wardrobe will also come to your aid in the next one as well, which means that you need to be careful while shopping for quintessential attire for the chilly days.

From puffer jackets and sweaters to pants and warm boots, there are numerable clothes that you need to keep the cold at bay and still remain pretty much in style. To help you pick the right attire, here are some toasty and trendy winter wear essentials for every man in 2021.

Puffer Jacket

All cozy winter jackets are very insulating and durable. The one style that really epitomizes these qualities with grace is a puffer jacket. It is a warm and comfortable outwear layer that is perfect for super chilly days and nights. With extra down layers to keep you toasty, puffer jackets serve their purpose well enough when the cold wind blows at its full might and the snowfall is blinding. Available in a wide range of lengths and colors, puffer jackets cater to all kinds of tastes and style preferences.

Snug Wool Overcoat

Yes, puffer jackets come quite handy when it is freezing out there, but there is nothing like the level of comfort, warmth and chicness the wool overcoats bring to your wardrobe. There are two particular favorites when it comes to wool topper – the camel coat and peacoat. A camel coat has a length that reaches the knee and comes in a brownish-tannish color, while a peacoat reaches the upper thigh and comes in black, gray or blue hues. They are sleek, warm and quite cinematic in appearance.

Cozy Sweater

As everyone knows that you need dependable base layers while dressing for cold weather. You must invest in at least one great sweater to keep yourself warm both inside and out. There is a vast variety of sweaters – from cardigans and turtlenecks to everything in between. But the most reliable and cozy pick is the richly textured cable knit sweaters. They are arguably the most versatile sweaters as they can be paired with both T-shirts and button-downs and they keep you warm and toasty throughout.

Winter Pants

While you need to stock your wardrobe with some snug sweaters and jackets, you also need warm pants to ward off the cold. The quality of the fabric is the first thing you need to do. You can pick corduroy, moleskin, wool or cashmere, all of which are well-equipped to handle the cold weather; but you need something that pairs well with all the other winter essentials. The moleskin jean can offer soft, warm and wonderfully stylish piece for you to strut around during the winter months.

Winter Boots

Your whole day goes happy and contented if your feet are warm, which is a hard task on cold days. But when five inches of snow cover the road and black ice lines the sidewalk, your feet need extra protection. Shoes without sturdy rubber outsoles, extra insulation, and waterproof uppers will be absolutely useless. You must check these three features before buying your winter boots if don’t want to risk losing a toe to the cold.