With airbag backpacks, this German company is making cycling safer

Cycling is a new form of transportation that more and more people are adapting for daily commute. In many European countries cycling is more than just a form of commuting, it’s almost a lifestyle. When cycling is becoming a craze, its important new ideas are conceived in order to make cycling safer. 

Inspired by the new lifestyle and the concern for rider safety, a German backpack and protection gear manufacturer EVOC Sports has conceptualized the idea of a backpack for cyclists that can pop up as an airbag in case of an accident. 

Airbag backpack concept

Airbags are a prerogative of cars, but there is no reason why cyclists cannot be presented with airbags to safeguard them during the journey. The Commute Air Pro 18 from EVOC Sports is designed with this argument in mind. It is an airbag that can inflate in seconds to protect a cyclist’s upper body when it detects a fall.

The backpack with integrated airbag technology does more than saving a life. It can be used to carry regular everyday use accessories and gear. The 18L backpack made using recycled polyester has pockets to carry smartphones, glasses and a quick access compartment for a laptop.

The functionality

Commute Air Pro 18 inflatable backpack comes with rechargeable motion sensors embedded into the adjustable chest strap. The battery powering the sensors comes with 32 hour backpack and can be recharged via USB when needed. These motion sensors analyze rider’s location and position up to 1,100 times per second and automatically inflate the backpack open – as airbag – in 0.2 seconds to potentially save a life.

According to the information at the time of writing, when inflated the airbag can cushion the upper body instantly. The EVOC Commute Air Pro 18 was recently showcased at the IAA Mobility show in Munich and is expected to debut in early 2022 for €900 (about $1050).