World’s largest wave pool in Queensland attracts surfers

For people who don’t have easy access to a beach, artificial wave generating parks are the way to go. Riding the mechanically generated waves along the length of oblong pool is a satisfying experience for surfers. Currently, most of the controlled wave pools limit the number of people who can ride the waves simultaneously.

This is where the 5 Waves system designed by Engeunity Solutions (an Australian engineering firm) for Surf Lakes comes in. Unlike most of such wave generating systems, the 5 Waves pool creates radiating waves in concentric circles. It generates five different level waves for people who are beginners or ones who demand a challenging setup to show off their surfing skills.

Pool of waves for surfing addicts

The fully-functional prototype of the 5 Waves pool is currently operational in Yeppon, Queensland. It consists of a piston-like setup which creates 2000 waves per hour. Using compressed air which is pumped into the water, the system manages to create waves of varying intensity.

The waves move in the direction of artificially crafted reefs which break the waves naturally. In fact, the pulses created from the huge generator mimic the natural ocean waveforms to give a very surreal feel.

Dr. Chris Hawley, managing director of Engenuity Solutions said, “We need to ensure the wave machine can deliver hundreds of millions of waves every year for decades for people to enjoy, and for surf park owners to confidently build businesses and developments around.”

Challenging waves for every rider level

5 Waves can produce a maximum of eight feet tall waves which are challenging for pro riders. For amateurs the height of waves and their length is lesser. The five different levels are color-coded, so beginners can practice in the white waters section of the artificial reef while experienced riders can sharpen their skills in the spinning barrels of the other section.

There’s everything wave riders will want from such a setup which makes it a great proposition for waterparks and other establishments. Be it short board, longboard, bodyboard or surf ski; 5 Waves has got every type of rider and his board covered for a great experience.