World’s most expensive biryani is being served with edible gold in Dubai

The saffron-flavored rice dish, Biryani is a widely loved food and already has several iterations varying from region to region. However, Bombay Borough, an all-day modern Indian bar and eatery in Dubai has created the world’s most expensive biryani – the Royal Gold Biryani, with edible gold in it.

Located in the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) neighborhood, the eatery is serving this rich and royal feast for AED 1,000 ($272). Although a bit expensive, this magnificent spread is totally worth it for biryani lovers – and according to reviews, it tastes as amazing as it looks.

Royal Gold Biryani

This extravagant dish was added to the menu earlier this year, celebrating the restaurant’s one year anniversary. The lavish meal is served on a huge golden metallic platter, which is loaded with Kashmiri lamb seekh kebabs, old-Delhi lamb chops, Rajput chicken kebabs, succulent Mughlai koftas and malai chicken roast, spread on a big layer of saffron-infused biryani. All the kebabs are topped with an edible 23 karat gold leaf.

Moreover, the 3kg biryani is complemented by various side dishes to elevate the flavor. It is plated with three different kinds of rice including chicken biryani rice, keema rice, and white and saffron rice to offer a varied taste palate. Reportedly, this regal meal takes 45 minutes to plate and is finished with baby potatoes and boiled eggs.

Dine like royalty

Dubai is home to many South Asians who relish this delectable dish. According to Pradeep Jethani, partner, Bombay Borough, the choice of biryani as the celebratory dish made absolute sense as it is one of the most loved meals among the Indian diaspora in the city.

The city is famous for all things lavish and indulgent, and it inspired the idea of adding edible gold to the dish to lend it a sense of grandeur. The variety of meats and aromatic rice on a single platter was designed to cater to different palates.