X-Expedition cruise ship is luxurious and environment-friendly

Stefano Pastrovich, a Monaco-based naval architect has come up with a cruise ship design that has superyacht like interiors, and a propulsion system, which is less harmful to the environment. The X-Expedition cruise ship is designed to keep luxury in mind while offering energy savings with the Wärtsilä Hybrid power module.

This propulsion system makes the engine run to its optimum efficiency by deploying batteries to take the load fluctuations. To top it off, the cruise ship has a green mode for minimal noise and emissions. Designer Pastrovich said; “Right from the first sketch, we based the design on integrating different construction techniques, leveraging the efficient modular approach of the cruise industry while combining it with the high-end techniques typical of superyachts.”  

For luxury-seeking adventure addicts

The cruise ship by Pastrovich is 331 foot-long, having 62-foot beams which give the structure inherent strength. Design of this cruise ship borrows its architecture from that of a superyacht and the modular aspect of cruise liners with emphasis on maximum use of space without compromising luxury.   

X-Expedition is designed a way so that there is minimal noise emerging from its operation in the calm seas. The designer wants people onboard to have a surreal experience of travel as the ship traverses through some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. In a way, this is for new generation folks who want to have an adventure with exclusivity and privacy.

Exclusive configurations of the design

The design of this cruise ship has three different configurations which will cater to different clients. There is the ‘Optimal’ configuration for a cruise of 108 guests at most, the ‘Deluxe’ configuration well-suited for people looking for affordable luxury as it accommodates 84 guests, and then there is the ‘Owner’ configuration which has capacity of 64 guests for the most luxurious experience.   

The 108 guest configuration has 48 standard suites, 4 deluxe suites, and 2 owner suites which occupy 312 square feet, 624 square feet, and 936 square feet space on the cruise ship respectively. The 84 guest Deluxe configuration has 24 standard suites, 16 deluxe suites, and 2 owner suites. While the most exclusive Owner configuration comes with 24 deluxe suites and 4 owner suites.