Xbox Cloud game played on a smartwatch is so 2021

Lately gaming has been all the rage, showing the exponential growth potential of the industry. Be it Netflix foraying into gaming or Google Stadia putting things into top gear – gaming is here to stay.

With the tide turning towards gaming as the trending thing amongst men of all ages, a rather interesting example of Xbox Cloud Gaming titles being played on a smartwatch has come to light. This development took place in Korea at the xCloud web browser event, and it is as cool as it is unrealistic in real-life settings.  

The fancy trick

Of all things, who would have imagined mainstream gaming titles being played on a Chinese smartwatch. But that’s exactly what Dawo managed to do, and showcase it to the crowd at the event. The trick here is to go to the Xbox Cloud Gaming website on the little screen, and then picking up the title to play. As simple as that!

He even managed to demonstrate the gameplay with a wirelessly paired 8bitDo controller. Now, how cool is that! The postage stamp-sized screen real estate was used to play the Forza Horizon 4 and Slay the Spire games.

Would dudes approve

Going by what this guy has managed to do, it is virtually possible to play any title with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on the go. But it would give you jittery headaches and red eyes for sure doing it on such a small screen. Not something the next-gen crowd would want to do.

Plus you’ve to consider the fact that you’ve got only one hand to perform all the in-game action as the other hand is wrapped up by the smartwatch itself. So, the idea is possible but not practical. Still, it gives a glimpse into the future of gaming on your wrist, and the possibilities of personal entertainment while commuting in the metro.