Xbox Controller crafted from pure gold is most expensive in the world

While most gamers out there just want a gaming console, large wide angle display and popcorn to pure gaming bliss. What else would one want? If you are YouTuber Linus Sebastian of Linus Tech Tips, then it would be a controller that’s like none other on the planet.

If you know where it is going, then you’ve guessed it right. Linus and his team were determined to give the Xbox Series X Controller a facelift that would cost them somewhere around $87,000.

Pure gold gaming bliss

The controller is made from a single piece of 1.5 kg of 18-karat gold (that’s a lot of gold folks), expertly molded into the shape of the standard Xbox wireless controller by Canadian firm Expert Casting. It all starts by creating a perfect cast of the outside plastic casing of the controller and then pouring the molten gold into the cast to get the perfect shape.

This is done for each individual piece of the controller and later attached to each other and overlay the internal components. The textured surface handcrafted on the back gives the golden accessory unique character and also provides grip for the gamer’s sweaty fingers.    

The controller is so heavy

Unlike the standard casing of the Xbox Series X controller, this gold casing and other golden components such as the battery cover make it heavier than normal. In fact, Linus and his team members found it to be quite heavy when they first laid their hands on it.

With that much amount of money spent on creating this one-of-a-kind Xbox controller, Linus created a three-part video (third one in making right now) to cover the costs with sponsors and the YouTube advertising. So, it is clear, the controller cannot be yours even though you have deep pockets. However, you can go for the gold-plated PlayStation 5 which is way cheaper than the one constructed here!