Yellow Gold Minty Piggy Bank is the world’s most expensive coin bank

What do to when you have lots of money? Put them in the bank. That is the obvious answer but for those who have more money, they can put theirs in this gold piggy bank. It’s not just any other coin bank. This one is made of gold and is priced at over a hundred thousand dollars.

This is probably the most expensive piggy bank in the world today. As much as we want to put our coins there, it may be too impractical. But then again, if you can afford a $130,000 piggy bank, you can afford to lose some coins.

Golden Piggy Bank as an Exclusive Creation

Golden Piggy Bank

The piggy bank is made of 18-carat gold by Royal Mint. The latter has a long history of making jewelry and gifts that are very luxurious. Its customers are the rich who won’t think twice about spending their money.

Minty is the name of the golden piggy bank. You can buy one as a family heirloom you may want to give to your children or grandchildren in the future.

Hand-crafted, Timeless Luxury for the Rich

Sterling Silver Piggy Bank

British father-and-son silversmiths and artisan Phillip Kydd and James crafted this 18-carat gold piggy bank by hand. It’s priced at £100,000 in Europe which is over $130k in the United States. You can say it is the most luxurious coin bank in the world we know today but probably won’t be the last.

A sterling silver version of the piggy bank, aka Minty, has been made as well. It’s more “affordable” at £6,000 which is about $7,830. If you still can’t afford it, there is a ceramic version of the piggy coin bank at only £85 ($111). However, it’s already been sold out.

You can buy the 18ct Yellow Gold Minty Piggy Bank straight from The Royal Mint. It’s made-to-order and is exclusive to the company.