You can now take virtual tour of Faroe Islands with a native

Home to mesmerizing rocky volcanic islands, the Faroe Islands or the Faeroe Islands, far-flung between Iceland and Norway in North Atlantic, are now open for an innovative virtual tour experience.

With imposed travel restrictions due to novel coronavirus, many travel plans have been cut short. Faroe Islands travel site has initiated a live virtual tour of its homeland through the eyes of a local, allowing a visitor much more than a travel documentary experience.

Through its inventive virtual tour tool, using a mobile phone, tablet or PC, people from anywhere in the world can explore the Islands’ unique culture, mountains, waterfalls, harbors, towns and traditional grass-roofed houses by remotely instructing a Faroese tour expert.

How it works

Your local tour assistant virtually acts as you. The tour expert is equipped with a head-mounted live video camera, allowing you way more than just a first-person video perspective. The website offers you a joypad to control your facilitator’s movements from turn direction, walk, run, and jump at your will.

You can join the live escapade, visiting locations on foot, going on a boat ride, riding on horseback or relishing a bird’s eye view by a helicopter ride, which can also be maneuvered on your command over the picturesque landscape.

Who is in control?

Keeping the native out of harms-way, you can interact and control the moves of your Faroese cameraman with a joypad appearing in a video on your device. While there is no limit for people to join this one hour of guided live sightseeing, queued up spectators will have to take turns to enjoy a one minute remote control time over the local tour expert.

According to Visit Faroe Islands press release, such virtual tours will take place once or twice daily until April 25. Team at Visit Faroe Islands will be answering questions about places to visit and things to see on its Instagram and Facebook account in real-time while the live virtual tour session in on.

Never like before, you may soon be virtually touring places in your travel bucket list. Till the time you visit Faroe Island in person. Enjoy this innovative mode of virtually touring the nature at its best, with a native showing you his homeland.