YuJet Surfer all-electric surfboard can reach a top speed of 24mph

If you like water sports, chances are you like surfing. It is not an easy thing to surf, it requires a lot of skills but this is not the only factor that makes it limitedly popular. What really matters the most for popularity of the sport is that it is limited to specific locations and it is not possible in all water bodies.

With the vision to change this notion, and to present amateur and skillful surfers with a surfboard that can deliver the thrill of surfing in any body of water – the YuJet Surfer is launched.

What sets the YuJet Surfer Apart?

YuJet Surfer is an eco-friendly board which is made to allow surfers to ride in a fun way on any body of water. It is a fully electric jet-powered surfboard made from carbon fiber. Being completely electric, it does not emit emissions and requires almost zero maintenance.

The electric surfboard has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery under the hood. We don’t know the battery capacity yet, but it is touted to last up to 40 minutes or up to 16 miles on a single charge. The battery is fully waterproof and can also be popped out for ease of transport.

What makes the YuJet Surfer really exciting is that it can reach a top speed of 24mph. The surfer can adjust the speed of his YuJet board using a wireless remote controller.

Pricing and availability

According to the company website, the YuJet is going to start shipping today – June 1 for an asking price of whopping $9,999. This may seem really expensive, but if you look at the other powered boards on the market, this one is well priced.

It weighs 250 pounds with battery and only 20 pounds without the battery attached – which makes it easy to carry to the ocean, river or lake – where you want to practice your surfing skills.