Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY Runners promise sweat-free running

A sweat free pair of shoes used to be a dream. It’s no longer impossible as Adidas has already come up with one that offers a water-absorbent material. You see, sweat is usually the enemy of people who are active and those with over active sweat glands.

The timing is just right because the warmer days are upon us. It seems to be the best season to run but with the heat comes sweat and with sweat comes odor. That’s the reality. 

Look Ma, No Sweat

Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY Runners

Adidas wants to solve the problem of sweat and odor by launching the Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY. The pair is ready in this colorway: Screaming Orange-Dash Grey-Core Black. The Three Striped brand is really serious in coming up with runners that don’t only look good but with technology and innovation that offers several benefits. 

 This Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY will remind you a bit of the Adidas Cyberpunk 2077 sneaker collection introduced back in November 2020. The new pair now comes with a nylon mesh upper. Inside is the HEAT.DRY technology by adidas.  This can probably be likened too with the CHI Footwear Graphene sneakers that are sweat-free.

Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY Technology

Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY Where to Buy

Running in warmer environments naturally result to perspiration or sweating. It’s not something to be ashamed about. It’s natural.

The tech removes the sweat and moisture from the feet.  What it does is wick away or absorb the sweat. The shoes help take away excess moisture. 

The pair also comes with a snug mesh upper with TPU overlays. The latter offer structural support to the runners especially on the heel, eyestay, and toebox. The midsole is said to be a mix of EVA and BOOST.  On the medial side, you will see a large X9000L4  text. 

The Adidas X9000L4 HEAT.DRY in Screaming Orange/Dash Grey/Core Black is now available in Australia. Check the regional adidas website. You will see there the $220 AUD price tag which is about $170 in the United States.