Aether Dolomite Boot perfect for city-dwelling, snowy weather

Aether Apparel is known to offer innovative design for urban exploration and outdoor adventure. A quick look at its website tells you the brand is all about having a passion for the outdoors and style.. That’s what the people behind it had something in common. The result is a company that produces outerwear ideal for a lifestyle of adventure.

After the James Brand & AETHER EDC Kit, here is another collaboration with AETHER you don’t want to miss. The Fracap + AETHER Dolomite Boot is the company’s first pair of mountain boots for the men. Fracap is an old but popular shoemaker that specializes in leather shoes. The Fracap Aether boots are handmade with suede and 100% vegetable-tanned Italian leather. Each boot is lined in leather.

Ready to Rock, Ready for Rugged Times

What’s more interesting is that each boot was made from a mold designed for the army. You can say these are army boots made a bit stylish with little details like metal eyelets, lacing hooks, and welt-stitch. A different colored-lace is included to add some flair. The mountain boots feature Vibram soles so expect stability and traction, especially in icy and snowy weather.

The Fracap + AETHER Dolomite Boots are all about Italian charm. The pair is something every man (and woman) will love. It’s not just the look but the comfort, ruggedness, and reliability it offers that can make this a bestseller.

The Best of Both Worlds

Just like the AETHER brand, the Dolomite Boots perfectly illustrate and combine city dwelling with passion for outdoors. Wear the boots if you want style but if there’s snow, you can trust your pair will get you home or to your work.

Designed for the city and snow, a pair of Dolomite Boots cost $400. You can get a pair in either Graphite or Onyx Black. The website shows EU sizing from 41 to 47. Buy HERE.